As New Hampshire’s oldest iconic 18-hole golf course, the Waumbek has provided a place for unforgettable memories to many generations. We love hearing about the amazing experiences that people have had through the years. Please use this space to share your memories!

  • "In the Spring of 1988, while on a site-seeing adventure, I met Bob Dechard, the then Pro at Waumbek. Bob and his mother were amazing! Waumbek soon became my favorite place to escape to. Yes it was about 55 miles from my home, but that made it all the better. Bob's mom fed me all the time, Bob and I played quite often and was my best friend in the North Country. Bob took his valuable time to help me toward my PGA Membership in 1998. It felt like family. I played over 100 rounds at Waumbek between 1998 and just a few years ago. I also found Waumbek to be a great fit for my style and game. I have played the course with "Hickory Clubs" as well as, modern golf clubs. I actually shot a slick 74 with my 1920 vintage Kroydon Hickories! I am currently the PGA Professional at Alburg Golf Links on L:ake Champlain. It is Only 127.5 Miles apart! I can't wait to get back to Waumbek!"

    Doug Ruttle PGA Professional

  • "We have had our annual Ledoux Golf Weekend start each Friday at Waumbek from the mid 90’s until a few years ago. Sadly, we have lost 2 of the founders of our yearly golf weekend. My father, being one of them and our Uncle Donald being the second. Uncle Donald would always tell his foursome to remember... 'everything rolls towards Cherry Mountain'. He was so right! We all love your course and can’t wait to play it in 2024!"

    The Ledoux Clan

  • "My mother-in-law, Eleanor Holmes, used to share her experiences of the Waumbek. Many of the young women in Jefferson and surrounding towns worked at the Waumbek as waitresses, cooking in the kitchens (Alden's aunt Sylvia (Holmes) Reed) and so on. Alden's Uncle, Morrison Reed and Dave Bedell worked as chauffeurs (as I'm sure others did). It was not uncommon for them to drive to Boston or NYC to pick up guests who planned to spend their summers or a vacation at the Waumbek Hotel."

    Jane Holmes

  • "I can’t wait to see what you have done to this beautiful course. My friends and I have been coming to Waumbek for years. We live in southern New Hampshire and at least once a year we take a day to come up to play this course all day from open to close. We got almost 3 rounds in one year on this historic course. I’m really looking forward to 2024 when we can resume this tradition. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing and I can’t wait to tee it up."

    Eric Leland

  • "I played there several times a year in the '90's and early 2000's, and considering I live in CT, it was a trek. I used to leave home at 4AM, and arrive at the course before 9AM. I walked the 18 holes, then went to Gorham to stay at the Moose Brook Motel. My brother would arrive from NYS mid afternoon, and we'd go off hiking for a few hours, then walk into town for dinner. I recall playing Waumbek in shorts on Monday, and hiking in snow on Thursday. Such memories!!"

    Richard Praus

  • "Back in the 1970s my wife and I performed at the White Mountain Arts Festival with the Hartford Ballet. We played the course back then and loved being able to drink water out of the streams with a ladle and paper cup. I can also say that my relationship started with my wife by my winning drinks from her in a putting contest on the putting green in front of the Inn. Suffice it to say that this place has terrific memories for us!"

    John Simone

"Thank you for saving this course. I have played the course for 40 years, multiple times every year while vacationing in the North Conwayarea . . . we look forward to your reopening."
John Clegg
"Thank you for bringing Waumbek back to life. I live too far away to visit more than once a year. I've always loved its with the ground feel."
Walter Carrell III
"There are many good times that have been made at the Waumbek! But the BEST by far was bringing my little one to a course for the first time! Can’t wait to bring her back!"
Hillary Cassady

My Special Summer at The Waumbek Golf Club

  • It began with a letter my parents wrote to Kenneth Kenyon at The Waumbek Hotel and Golf Club. I was about to enter my freshman year at UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture in the fall of 1965. With a Turf Management major, I could experience what golf course maintenance might be like working on the golf course. A place to stay (one room) in a white building off RT 2, not too far from the store down the street, along with meals in the hotel with other staff would be provided along with an hourly wage. After high school graduation, my parents dropped me off to start on this new work adventure. To my advantage, there was no "home sickness" for me as I had previously spent 3 summers away at Poland Springs Caddy Camp in Maine starting at the age of 12-14.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

  • I reported to work at the barn off Rt. 115. A gentleman met me outside and we talked about what work I would be doing. He was quiet and reserved. Drove a Ford pickup truck. His name was Bill McIntire. Lived nearby he told me. Some days he was not at the barn in the morning and if this was the case, I was to walk to my assigned golf holes and start the days tasks as he had told me. My golf holes in my care were 10, 11,12,13 14 & 15. I worked out of a small shack-like building at the edge of the wooded area near the 9th green and 10th tee areas. There was a clear, crystal ground spring nearby which helped me get through some hot, summer days with water to drink and splash on my face. Hand tools and a Toro walking greensmower were stored in the building. Everyday I mowed the greens first. Walking the mower from hole to hole.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

  • Some days it was too wet or greens were being topdressed and mowing was not done. I also changed the putting green cups when directed to do so. I hand weeded greens and cut brush as needed around tee boxes. Hand raked bunkers as often as I could to maintain smooth sand surfaces. Walking from bunker to bunker with wooden tooth rake over my shoulder. Lunch was usually back at the hotel with the staff. Walking from my assigned golf holes to the hotel and back to the golf course for the afternoon till the workday was done. Bill brought me fresh gas as needed for the greensmower. He drove around my holes in his truck every couple of weeks to see if I was doing OK with the work that he had asked me to do. Not much talk from Bill unless it was necessary.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

  • Often after work I swam in the beautiful natural outdoor pool if there were not too many guests in the area. I did play golf as much as possible. Sometimes the older college students would organize a "pasture party" in freshly mowed fields close to the hotel. Usually a fire with beer and laughter. I recall the pretty college girls working that summer were from Mankato State College in MN. They all lived in a big white building near the barn.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

  • My summer went by fast. I did get to take the bus to Plymouth where my Dad met me for a weekend away from the golf course while he and my Mom were vacationing on Newfound Lake. The rest of my life, 40 plus years, was spent in the golf course maintenance industry after that start at The Waumbek. After receiving my Associates Degree in Turf Mgt. from UMass Stockbridge School of Agriculture. Then on to receive my BS degree in Agronomy from the University of Georgia. I served in VietNam. Came back safe and healthy. My golf career has allowed me to work at two of finest golf courses in the country.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

  • The Country Club in Brookline MA and Brae Burn CC in Newton, MA. I have worked at private and semi-private golf courses in NH, VT, MA, NJ, & IA. My last 16 years in the industry was as Property Manager/Golf Course Superintendent at Eastman Community Association in Grantham, NH. One of my last hires at Eastman is now the Golf Course Superintendent there. He asked me to help him out with labor shortage issues last summer and I am now, still mowing fairways, green and tee surrounds on a part time seasonal basis.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

  • As I wind my way down with this story, I am reminded how we all have been influenced in very dramatic ways in our life's journey. My time at the Waumbek Golf Club is one of those influencing times of my life. . . I would welcome the chance to visit The Waumbek Golf Club again. See all the improvements being done. Drive the golf course and enjoys the views of the surrounding mountains.

    Ron Hansen (Certified Golf Course Superintendent)

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